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- Who are we -

We are a group of Grade 11 students from Diocesan Boys' School.

- Our mission -

We aim to spread joy and positivity in our community through care packages called “Bag of Joy”.

- Our current project -

Our team is working very hard to gather and deliver Bag of Joy to some of the people most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We focus on brightening the lives of low-income elderlies and children because elderlies are the most vulnerable to COVID-19 and children’s well-being had been greatly affected due to prolonged school closure.

We would like to ask you to join us in this meaningful project to spread joy by donating Bag(s) of Joy. You will assemble the Bag of Joy with guidance from our “shopping list”. Each bag will contain 6 items: 2 sanitary products, 2 non-perishable food, and 2 items specific to either the elderlies or children (click here for the Bag of Joy item list). We also encourage you to include a card of encouragement in each bag. Your words of encouragement will mean A LOT to our recipients. If you would like to donate, please click here to the google form.

We will collect these Bags of Joy at designated drop off points or we can even pick up from a location of your choice. We are working with Family Keepers Foundation, Hong Kong Inner City Ministries and more NGOs to distribute the Bags of Joy to the elderlies and children.

Act now to make our community a better place! :)

Any questions?

You may contact us through email by clicking the button below, or through social media.

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